For sale: ALEGRIA, as a luxury cruising hotel-barge, or as a house-boat ***  South of France



A vendre: péniche d'habitation ou péniche-hôtel de croisières de luxe, For sale: as a private house-boat or as a luxury cruising hotel-barge -




Do you intend to acquire a house-boat or operate a luxury hotel-barge that offers river and canal cruises in France? Would you like to change your business Life and operate yourself a prestigious hotel-barge in the South of France? With its 2 en-suite double cabins the barge welcomes upper-class clients and offers luxury services. Your new Life will then be split between a 7 months cruising season and a 5 months holiday time. With some improvements the capacity of the hotel-barge can be extended to 6 passengers.



Should you wish to change your Life style, just do what I did myself many years ago! Acquire and live aboard a luxury barge and leave on holiday or for week-ends with your own house on the back...



Be it for living aboard a luxury house-boat or operating a hotel-barge, cruising or permanently moored, you may keep her mooring in the South of France along a world-famous canal, the Canal du Midi (present mooring 15kms away from Béziers)... or look for another site in Paris or anywhere in France...







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